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15 min.   - $30.00
30 min.   - $45.00
45 min.   - $60.00
60 min.   - $75.00
90 min.   - $100.00
120 min. - $140.00

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Sandy Castle

Sandy Castle - Certified Massage Therapist
*New Location*
2350 Washtenaw
Suite 7C
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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Stress retention, bad posture, and a chronically bad back and neck cause me soreness, stiffness and pain. Sandy is able to get in there and combat my perpetually tight muscles and give me relief that lasts. While she can’t follow me around and stop me from doing the things that make me sore, she has demonstrated some fantastic stretching exercises that help me in between visits. She’s also always moving forward and educating herself with new ideas and methods to better the results of my sessions and my specific issues. I really appreciate the way she keeps finding ways to make me feel more comfortable and relaxed in my everyday life.

Debbie Green

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